Guests can relax in the fact that no matter what they can always charge their device. Forgotten, lost, stolen, damaged, or incompatible chargers and cables are a thing of the past. Even guests with their own chargers are more likely to use a readily available in-room charger as it is simply more convenient.

Cost Effective

Accommodating for every unknown guest device would require dozens of separate chargers, cables or adapters. This would not only cost a small fortune but be an absolute nightmare to protect and store, not to mention look very unprofessional. PowaPad is the only single, low cost, all-in-one charger capable of charging any device. Price comparable to most other low cost amenities (Hairdryer, coffee/tea maker, e.t.c)

Ease Staff Workload

Free up valuable staff from having to deal with constant guest-charging related requests.


Ideal for, but not limited to rooms, PowaPad can also be used in multiple strategic locations such as high-traffic public areas. E.g Hotel reception, hotel bar, conference room, lobby, pool area, and more.

Device Compatibility

Works with any old, current and next generation devices such as phones (iPhone / Android), tablets or any USB powered devices such as cameras, headphones, smartwatches, e-cigarettes, kindles, certain laptops and more.

International Compatibility

Works out of the box worldwide in over 175 countries. International guests need not worry their country specific adapters will work either. Simply plug device into PowaPad, no guest adapter required.

Multi-Device Charging

Charge up to 5 different devices at the same time.

Multiple Charging Methods

Charge via wireless, dock or USB.  No charger or cable? No problem, simply dock or rest on wireless pad to charge. Want to use your own cable? No problem, simply plug into rear USB port to charge.


Includes connection docks for any Apple, MicroUSB or USB-C devices. Dock connectors rotate up to 30 degrees to comfortably fit any device size.


Supports cutting-edge Qi wireless charging technology for the ultimate convenience. Simply place device onto charging pad to charge.


Includes high power USB port. Perfect for guests who may want to comfortably use their device while charging.

Smart Protection

Features overheating, over-current, overcharging protection and intelligent wireless charging proximity sensor. LED modes include: device on (red), wireless charging detected (green), wireless not detected (flashing red).

Fast Charging

Charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Free Instruction Card

Let guests know charging is available with brightly colored instruction card.


Includes 1.5m power cord (Type A or C) capable of comfortably reaching most power outlets.

Quick & Easy Setup

Simply plug in and it is ready use.

Power efficient

Extreme low power consumption when not in use. Rated the highest level 5 in energy efficiency.


Minimal, compact, designed to blend seamlessly with any room decor, classic or modern. (On bedside table, work desk, e.t.c) No modifications to existing furniture required.

Clutter Free

Eliminate ugly, and messy cables for a neat and professional appearance.


Engineered to withstand long-term heavy daily use.


Supports charging only. No data transfer possible so your information is safe.

Product Safety

Product is safe to use for children. As opposed to public charging stations, PowaPad is made for private guest rooms. Only guests have access so their devices are always safe.


FCC, CE and RHS compliant. Made from 100% recyclable, non flammable material.


Includes non-slip rubber base to keep product firmly in place. Additional non-slip silicone ring to keep wireless device in place and protect from scratches.

Scratch Resistant

Made from highly durable scratch resistant material so it always looks as good as new.


Easy repairability in the unlikely event your device is damaged.

Free Promotion

On average, guests charge their devices 1-3 times per day, making this the perfect place to display your message or promotion using the built-in clip. Use cases include hotel information, promotions, instructions, rules, room service menu or a friendly reminder to rate you online (Tripadvisor, Booking.com, Hotels.com, AirBnB, e.t.c.)

Boost Sales

Increased up-sale revenue with up to 3x more effective promotion via the built-in clip. Use cases include hotel bar promotions, spa promotion, room service menu, tour promotions, e.t.c.

Mobile Room Key

Phones and apps are fast replacing room keys. Ensuring guests are always charged ensures they are never locked out.

Future Proof

Features next-generation connectors and wireless charging technology ensuring you are one step ahead of global charging standards with your investment protected well into the foreseeable future.

Positive Online Reviews

Online guest reviews and ratings are arguably the number one deciding factor when booking a hotel online. Guests are more likely to leave a positive online reviews after having found charging to be useful.

New & Repeat Guests

Guests are more likely to book or return to a hotel with in-room charger as opposed to hotels without charging.

Increase In Referrals

Guests are more likely to refer hotels with complimentary charging to friends and family.

Return on Investment

PowaPad pays for itself via more positive online reviews, referrals and new/repeat guests.

Total Guest Satisfaction

Guests frequently lose or forget to bring their chargers. Proactively alleviate unnecessary guest anxiety and delight your guests with PowaPad, complimentary in-room charging.

Competitive Edge

Hotels today offer very similar room amenities. Providing new and exciting room amenities such as complimentary chargers offer a clear advantage over competing hotels.


Input 110-220V; Max Dock Output 5V4A
Wireless charging 5V1A


1.96″ x 5.51″ x 4.52″


10.2 oz